Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So Much Bigger than the Bunny Giveaway!

Hey friends check this out!

You will be so glad you did and Tasha is AMAZING! You can read all about her at Tashavia.blogspot.com



It's time for me to start seriously blogging.  I keep putting it off, but there is so much going on in our lives that I want to write about.  The time is now!  So my first post is going to be about blogging and what you can expect from me.  

I am going to use this blog to express my opinions, my thoughts on life, and to keep an account of our little family.  I will try to write something everyday, even if it's just a quick hello/goodbye and as I do it more often maybe I can find a balance of repeating themes weekly.

Well reader(s) I hope you find this enjoyable and I will follow this post with a post about a day in the life of the Waggoner family!

Happy reading!